Do we retreat into the shadows of fear, apathy, misunderstanding and an 'us vs. them' point of view where we insist we are apart from the natural world?


Climate Changers is an inclusive, interactive community where you can make connections with people taking action and the way they are making a difference.


Do we enter a place of hope, positive action, innovation, and a 'we are in this together' point of view where we realize we are part of the natural world?

We choose this. We put a hopeful, human face on the challenge and opportunity of climate change and open the door to everyone becoming a climate change agent. Climate Changers is a diverse, interactive network where you can meet individuals taking action and making a difference — actions you can use or adapt.

This is an online and on-the-ground international environment creating and sharing connections to the actions of global citizens and individuals acting on behalf of governments, businesses, organizations and communities. But Climate Changers is also a two-way street. Not only can you learn and apply the actions of others, you can share what effective actions you are taking and become part of this can-do community and environment.

Climate change has no borders. Climate Changers builds on the transformative power of 'we're in this together' with no blame, shame or finger-pointing. We ask you to join us by contributing your story, your financial resources or by sharing the stories found on this site and help champion this uplifting movement of individuals making a real difference.

As part of Climate Changers, we lead a ‘workshops in action’ where we share examples of individuals taking action to address climate change and then invite workshop participants to share what actions they are taking.  There are interactive exchanges whereby participants realize how they can adapt or replicate the actions of others. Workshops can take place in you our local community, within corporations, campuses, conferences - even coffee shops where people can meet, share, connect. At workshop conclusion, participants themselves can realize they are Climate Changer candidates who can be featured on the online platform.