"I CHANGE by advocating for strong national environmental policy and ultimately enjoying the beauty of nature."

—Allison Springer, Marketing & Research Associate for The Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition


I change by advocating. I am highly motivated to work for meaningful environmental legislation that both protects natural places and provides resources for human life. I have a passion for working within the multiple streams of politics to find strong viable solutions to our environmental challenges.

I change by reducing. There are countless ways that we all can reduce our impact on the environment. I choose to participate in Ann Arbor’s municipal composting program which decreases my landfill waste contribution. I am a vegetarian because I do not wish to contribute to land, water, and air pollution from animal agriculture. My lifestyle choices are easy, healthy, and are contributing less to the effects of climate change.
The greatest inspiration to my life is nature. I love the experience of hiking a trail, paddling a river, and swimming in the ocean. In all of these moments is a connection that invigorates and motivates me to take action. I believe that our bond with nature brings all humans together in a
strong connection.

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