Jim Armstrong, Climate Changers Founder and Program Director

Having worked in the world of communications, marketing and branding for most of his life, Jim knows how powerful words and images can be a force for good. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and it becomes a positive picture when the visual is real, human and uplifting. Likewise, true, informative and inspiring words can paint pictures in both hearts and minds of genuine hope and optimism. Jim took this reverence for words and images and his knowledge and experience in communications and applied it to the climate change challenge.

Sharing what individuals from around the world are saying and doing is an effective path to address the challenges of climate change and actually begin to create a better future for all. This is what Climate Changers is all about. This is where Jim's passion lies.



Advisory Board


Kathryn Besemer, Crew member, Three at Sea

For seven years Kathryn has been part of the Three at Sea project, a multiyear voyage to discover the world via a 43-foot Nordhavn trawler crewed by her, husband David and daughter, Ayla. Prior to this adventure, Kathryn was an accomplished marketing executive in both Silican Valley and Colorado. She has worked for leading edge companies like Apple Computer, NeXT Computer, and Celestial Seasonings, and also conceived and started two companies with her husband. Kathryn is passionate about education, optimistic about the world, and eternally moved by the magic of the ocean. She sees the Three at Sea odyssey as an opportunity to blend all of these into something that makes a difference in the world.


John Drummond, Founder of How on Earth and Chairman of Corporate Culture, UK

John has worked strategically with a organizations like ASDA, Anglian Water, BT, Unilever, EDF Energy, O2, RBS and Sky to help each develop sustainable business strategies that engage, inspire and unite employees behind the organization's vision.

He's also authored a series of cutting-edge behavior change reports, including Motivating Millions and Human, which provide insight into how business can harness sustainable behavior techniques to drive transformational change. Prior to joining Corporate Culture, John was Group Communications Director at United Utilities, where he developed one of the UK's first total impact strategies and pioneered the use of behavior change campaigns. The approach helped increase customer satisfaction from around 40% to more than 80% in three years, and saw United Utilities win the prestigious BitC Company of the Year in 2000.


Marcus Franklin, Environment and Climate Justice Program Specialist, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, NYC

Marcus has studied the environmental sciences for ten years. He holds degrees in Environmental Biology and Public Administration from Cornell University. He has worked on issues spanning species distribution and invasive species management, to residential energy retrofitting and community solar programs. Marcus has recently interned with the Environment and Climate Division of the International Fund for Agricultural Development. He is drawn to environmental justice issues and passionate about making sustainable and green lifestyles accessible for low income populations in the United States.


Mark Prain, Executive Director of Hillary Institute, Christchurch, New Zealand

Mark has spent much of his time working in New Zealand and in the USA on sustainable leadership. After five years with Greenpeace he became Executive Director of not-for-profit Sustainable Cities and then of Redesigning Resources business leadership group. He is the author of two books on sustainable best practice and wrote a column on the subject for the Business Monthly from 1996–2005. Beyond his current international role as Executive Director of the Hillary Institute, Mark is Director of Maven Ltd., a New Zealand based strategic consultancy focused on social entrepreneurship. He is a director of The Sustainability Company, NEXT Carbon and has been the Executive Director of Untouched World's charitable foundation for over a decade. Additionally, he is an advisor to the Katerva Challenge for Innovative Climate Solutions.



Allison Springer, Campaign Coordinator for Outdoors America, Washington, D.C.

Allison has experience in both grassroots organizations and established nonprofits. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Ukraine and learned that success can be small and it is the accumulation of small successes which leads to great movements for change. She has implemented a number of community projects with and without funding. She has grant writing, solicitation, and donor engagement fundraising experience and non-profit administration skills. Her Cornell MPA, along with practical experience with the Lake Placid/North Elba Development Commission and with the Government Relations team at the Wilderness Society strengthened her environmental policy knowledge. She currently works for Outdoors America. Ultimately, her passion for the environment is the focus of her life.