"I CHANGE the way people communicate about climate change by showing positive impacts that individuals can have."

—Jim Armstrong, Founder and Program Director of Climate Changers

Having worked in the world of communications, marketing and branding for most of my adult life, I know how powerful words and images can be a force for good. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and it becomes a positive picture when the visual is real, human and uplifting. Likewise, true, informative and inspiring words can paint pictures in both hearts and minds of genuine hope and optimism. I decided to take this reverence for words and images and my knowledge and experience in communications and apply it to the climate change challenge.  

An effective path to addressing the climate change challenge is by sharing what individuals from around the world are saying and doing to not only reduce or reverse the effects of climate change but to actually begin to create a better future for all.  This is what Climate Changers is all about.  Here you can discover all kinds of people taking all kinds of positive actions. Here you can connect with individuals directly or with the organizations, governments, communities and businesses they are taking action through. You can directly connect with me at 607.280.7476 or at jarmstrong@iclimatehange.org.

We envision our online environment also becoming regional and local, face-to-face Climate Changer groups and communities. Climate Changers will create a positive impact online and on-the-ground.  

Climate Changers is truly distinctive and our uniqueness is our strength. We are in the early stages of development and realize, to achieve our goals, we need champions who can provide us with the support we need or serve as the connection to other funders and donors. We have been selected to be a program of the renowned Center for Transformative Action (CTA). CTA is a tax-exempt organization under 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will be our fiscal sponsor which opens the door to receiving tax-exempt donations. Please direct contributions and donations to CTA/Climate Changers.

Also, if you would like to be featured as a Climate Changer, please complete and submit the Climate Changer application form.  And, if you know someone who should be featured as a Climate Changer, please let them know about us and ask them to submit an application.

Together, we can transform the challenges of Climate Change into real solutions and opportunities to invent a future where all of us on the planet can lead healthy and meaningful lives. Thank you in advance for your time and support!