Ayla gives her Save Our Seas (SOS) presentation to two schools in Delaware.

Ayla with school children after her presentation in the Bahamas.

Ayla with school children after her presentation in the Bahamas.


"I CHANGE through supporting my daughter's Save Our Seas initiative, which lets young people know they have a critical voice in ocean conservation, and inspires positive action."

—Kathryn Besemer, Three at Sea crewmember

Our planet is magnificent, and I want every generation now and in the future to know its staggering diversity, and stunning beauty. We have lived and travelled almost 35,000 nautical miles on our boat, Three@Sea, for the last eight years. We see the effects every day of climate change affecting our oceans from depleted fish populations to bleaching coral reefs. Our climate change journey began about 14 years ago (2002) when at five, our daughter, Ayla, became mesmerized by the tide pools along the Monterey Peninsula in Northern California. Her wonder at the diversity of life in a little tide pool, took us to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to learn more about the oceans. Their educational focus helped us to truly understand the fragility of this vast and important ecosystem. From that moment we all became advocates for the ocean.

A few years later (2006), when and An Inconvenient Truth was released, Ayla (then 10) thought why I can’t I do something like that to educate kids about the positive impact they can have on the oceans health, no matter where they live, whether it’s along the coast or as far inland as Boulder, CO. So she got to work with her friend Simon, and with our support put together a program called Save Our Seas. It’s a presentation targeted to young people from 6 to 16, talking about the importance of oceans in our everyday lives, the trouble they are facing, and what each kid can do to make a difference. In the last ten years she has delivered Save Our Seas to over 2,500 students in 12 states, 3 countries, and made it available for download via the Three@Sea website for any student who wants to give it at their school.

I want everyone to know that young people have a strong and important voice. They have a grit and determination to make a difference that can be inspiring to their peers, and adults alike. Support their voice and passion.

If you know a young person who might be interested in giving Save Our Seas, the presentation is available for download here. As parents or guardians we can help our young people with logistical items from helping them to download all the materials correctly, checking onsite equipment, and rehearsing. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at kathryn@besemer.com.