YOU can become a Climate Changer!

If you have an interest in reversing or slowing climate change, let us know what you are doing and you may be our newest Climate Changer. After looking over this site, fill out the application below and send us your photos for review. We'll be in touch to let you know if you will be part of this exciting collaboration.

Application and Photo/Video Guidelines

Share your story with us and soon you could be a Climate Changer sharing it with the world! Just fill out the form below and supply a photo or two (using the guidelines below) for consideration. You can also send us a video – but keep it under two minutes, please.

Name *
Using 140 characters or less, summarize what what you do in a short quote, beginning with "I Change..." Even though you may do many things to address climate change, focus on just one for your quote.
Speak from your own point of view, as an individual, rather than your company or organization. It's most interesting with you start with something personal—possibly how you got interested in doing something about climate change. Please include links, in parenthesis, to any resources you want to share with others.


We don’t expect professional photos, but please consider the following criteria when having a new photo taken or selecting photos for submission. Please submit 2 or more photos.

•  A smile/positive expression is key—our message is one of hope and optimism.
•  Look directly at the camera as though you are talking to someone.
•  Unless the topic is indoors, a outside setting works best.
•  Ideally the scene connects with what you are talking about. A horizontal photo is required.
•  Use natural light when possible but soft cloudy light is better than harsh sun.
•  Be sure the background isn’t too bright or you’ll be in shadow.
•  Send the highest resolution your camera can take. Do not take the photo off of the internet unless it is very large. and should be around 1200 pixels at 72 ppi ideally. If you send a higher resolution we can adjust but we cannot enlarge a photo that is small with too little resolution.
•  Leave enough background in the photos so that we can make adjustments.
•  2 or more photos are preferred, so that we can add interest to the in-depth page. If an image of something helps to explain what you are talking about feel free to include it.

Send images to with your name in the subject line. Thank you!